Sampath  K  Iyengar

The NetworKING, Mr Visibility, Host at Jam with Sam, Lifestyle StoryTeller, TedX Speaker, Master of Monetisation

My Mission

To take my experience in the fields of IT, business consultancy and Business networking to create ecosystems based on profitable synergies. I want to bring efficiency where it’s needed and become a periscope for businesses and entrepreneurs


Over the years I’ve used my quality of networking to create eco-systems that helps entrepreneurs: the ones who are breaking to and the ones who are looking to expand. Through my expertise in handling businesses, I provide cost-effective and long-term solutions to increase the efficiency and visibility of businesses.  

Short Bio

An ace networker and tenured business consultant, I create eco-systems for businesses and entrepreneurs to outgrow their reach. I become the periscope to show them opportunities beyond their horizon. 

My Attributes


The NetworKING, TalkShow Host & Moderator ,Master of Monetisation, IT Quotient

Founder & Creator of

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