Sampath K Iyengar Profile

My Mission

To take my experience in the fields of IT, business consultancy and Business networking to create ecosystems based on profitable synergies. I want to bring efficiency where it’s needed and become a periscope for businesses and entrepreneurs


Over the years I’ve used my quality of networking to create eco-systems that helps entrepreneurs: the ones who are breaking to and the ones who are looking to expand. Through my expertise in handling businesses, I provide cost-effective and long-term solutions to increase the efficiency and visibility of businesses.  

Short Bio

An ace networker and tenured business consultant, I create eco-systems for businesses and entrepreneurs to outgrow their reach. I become the periscope to show them opportunities beyond their horizon. 

My Attributes

The NetworKING, TalkShow Host & Moderator ,Master of Monetisation, IT Quotient 

Founder & Creator of

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